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Brian and Sandra - 2015

Just a quick email to say thanks for all your efforts and great organisation this weekend.  Made the festival so much easier!

Dominic Cahill - Dominic Cahill

Hi Russell, thank you for a fantastic service, if you need positive customer feedback very happy to help. Kind regards, Dominic

Martin Cornwall - 2018

Used Urban Truant for iow festival 2018. Absolutely brilliant service, easy check in and relax with a beer while you wait for the RIB. Return Journey was exactly the same, check in and then get some breakfast while you wait. Organisation was spot on and the RIB crossing just added to the whole experience. Won't hesitate to book again, no queues and delivered pretty much to the door. Thanks Urban Truant. 

Simone Owen - IOW Festival 2015

You guys were fab, we'll certainly be back next year.

Adam Creighton - IOW Festival 2015

Great service and value for money especially when considering how much easier it made the journey compared to getting a ferry!

Kind Regards,
Adam Creighton

Alexander Moore - IOW Festival 2015

Hey Russ,

Me and my mate had a sick time with you guys. Getting there and back was a massive highlight. Not only the most fun, but also the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way by far! Couldn't have picked a better option.

We won't be taking the ferry any time soon.


Tom Willsher - IOW Festival 2015

Your service was superb. Very slick. And a delightfully easy way to get to the festival. What queues?

Paul Watson - IOW Festival 2015

Hi Russ,

Thoroughly enjoyed the transfers and this year got there and back dry. See you for festival 2016

Joy McIntosh - IOW Festival 2015

‘Fantastic service – very efficient and was almost the highlight of the festival! The team is very professional and gave us an exhilarating ride across the solent followed by a lovely cruise up the bay straight up to the marina. Will definitely use again!’

Alex Lenthall - IOW Festival 2015

Didn't realise how good a decision I had made to use yourselves until I saw the queues on the Monday morning for the buses and especially the river taxis!
It was the perfect way to travel!!

Ayla Spicer - IOW Festival 2014

Great service, super flexible and helpful with all my queries, exactly what you need in manic festival times!

Benjamin Oakley - IOW Festival 2014

Speedboat was excellent, makes the beginning of the festival so much more exciting! Have used you for the last two years and will see you again next year!
Ben Oakley

Chloe Maltby - IOW Festival 2014

Hello Russ
It was so cool to travel to my first festival with Urban Truant. I loved the thrill of the ride and my Mum appreciated not having to queue for hours too. We were really well looked after and felt in good hands.  
From Oli (aged 9) 

Hannah Voller Chapman - IOW Festival 2014

Dear Russell, 
Thanks for fantastic boat ride over to the festival! It's the only way to get there in my opinion! Will be definitely be travelling over in style with you again! 

Kael Matthews - IOW Festival 2014

Hi Russell,
It was great! Good fun and staff were welcoming and helpful. 
Great way to get to the IOW festival, definitely adds an extra memory to the weekend. 

I'd definitely use your service again.

Mark Armstrong - 2014

Hi Russell
Thank you very much for such an enjoyable trip yesterday.
I'm sure you know that all aboard had a fantastic time and will be talking about for months to come.
Our lunch was also very enjoyable as was the whole day.
We hope you enjoy your day on Friday and the rest of the ceremonies.
Best regards

Niall and Ellie McLoughlin - 2012

Thank you Russell,

Your Ribs was one of the highlights of the weekend for both me and my 11 year old daughter. What a way to arrive to a festival. I may have spoiled her for life. The trip both over and back was breath-taking, fun, and much faster than queuing to get on and off a ferry. Would highly recommend and definitely use again if we return to the festival in 2013. In addition your staff were friendly, helpful, and great fun. The party starts the moment you board. Well done and thanks once again!

Nick Mason IOW - Festival 2014

A highlight of the festival weekend
And top value all as well

Raj Raithatha - IOW Festival 2014

Hi Russell
Great experience – super fast, friendly services and happy to use the service next year and recommend to friends.

Robert Dickson - IOW Festival 2014

Hi Russell ,
Fab service in all respects ,exhilarating to say the least and even the girls who thought they were catching the ferry enjoyed it immensely , only way to travel .See you next year .
Robert Dickson

Susan Hill - IOW Festival 2014

hi ...The two of us had a great trip on the ribs!  Outwards the Solent was like a millpond and on the way back quite rough..probably more fun!
Would definitely do it again!

The Moore's (Again!) - IOW Festival (every year!)

Fab fantastic fun
Cheers russ
Looking forward to next year 
Let us know as soon as you ready to go!!
Cheers Jonathan

Tom Coombes - IOW Festival 2014

The rib ride there and back was a great experience! Perfectly on time, dry and great fun at the same time! Will definitely be back again!

Many thanks,

Victoria Lambert - IOW Festival 2014

Hi Russell
The only way to travel to the Festival!
Had to slum it on the Red Jet home :(
Thanks for ordering such fabulous weather for the crossing.

Ronan Keating - Boyzone - IOW Festival 2012 & 2013

This is F***ing Awesome!
Thanks man.

Karen Miller - IOW Festival 2012

Hi Russell,

After the mudfest that was IOW 2012 there is no way I'd travel to the festival any other way! We arrived from Glasgow a good 2 hours early and got fitted on an earlier boat by the lovely lady that met us in the cafe. What an experience, added so much to the whole weekend. Most defiantly see you next year.

Karen Miller

Hatti - IOW Festival 2012

Using the Urban Truant high speed transfer was not only brilliant fun, it was so easy and meant that we missed the nightmare that most other people had getting to the island using the traditional routes. We made it from SW London to our tent in about three hours, and had a high-speed rib experience on the way. Fantastic! The crew were all great - really friendly and helpful, and I'll be certain to book again next time!Using the Urban Truant high speed transfer was not only brilliant fun, it was so easy and meant that we missed the nightmare that most other people had getting to the island using the traditional routes. We made it from SW London to our tent in about three hours, and had a high-speed rib experience on the way. Fantastic! The crew were all great - really friendly and helpful, and I'll be certain to book again next time!

Michael Barrett - IOW Festival 2012

Your Rib transfer service to the IOW festival was fantastic. The service worked really well, it was very civilised to meet in the pub at Hamble and have some lunch and a pint before heading across. It was definitely the best way to travel to the IOW festival and it is the only way I would ever travel to the IOW festival again. 

Fernando Duarte - IOW Festival 2012

What can I say? It was brilliant journey in terms of convenience and fun thanks to the choppy seas. Will definitely use it again next time.

David Evans - IOW Festival 2012

The service was fantastic turning the trip across to the island (and back) one of the highlights of the weekend.

It was easy to park and so we had no worries arriving and leaving at either end.

We didn’t get stuck crossing despite the bad weather.

The crossing was fun.

You were flexible (we switched to a later time).

All in all great and would definitely use u again....

Martin Bush - IOW Festival 2012

Really good service, enjoyable but wet crossing, fitted in brilliantly with my work commitments, would book again like a shot. But may miss next year as the festival itself was a washout - we ended up leaving early and it may be a while before we pluck up the courage to brave the mud.
Best of luck with the venture.

Kate Moores - IOW Festival 2012

What a great way to start and end a brilliant but soggy weekend .Fantastic service to and from the festival site. Please, please, please let us know when you are taking bookings for next year as the 4 of us would like to use you again for next years festival. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kate 

Ian Drummond - IOW Festival 2012

The service was excellent and provided a quick and easy route to and from the festival. The best and most fun way to arrive!!

Michael Charles - IOW Festival 2012

Hello Russell.

Taking the high speed Rib to the Isle of Wight was brilliant. It was quick and easy and it bypassed all the terrible traffic problems.

...and it was fun.

Cheers. Mike.

Jo Portlock - IOW Festival 2012

Travelling to the festival by speedboat with Urban Truant was a great way to start the weekend. It literally drops you off at the door and we missed all the mud and traffic chaos! Great experience and would definately book again.

Samantha Ried - IOW Festival 2012

Travelling to the festival on the Rib was a great start to the IOW festival!! The staff were friendly and it is brilliant value for money!

Peter Holiday - IOW Festival 2012

I thought the service was brilliant,

When I arrived at the festival and saw how much difficulty people had had using other modes of transport I realised that the RIB was clearly the easiest way to get to the festival, not to mention way more exciting. Everyone I told about it was shocked at how little it had cost and how close they dropped us to the site. The next time I go to IOW festival I will definitely use Urban Truant.

Paul Sutherby - IOW Festival 2012

Having used the Urban Truant IOW transfer for the 2012 IOW Festival I can recommend this to anyone going to the festival in 2013+ The service has proven itself to be the quickest and easiest way to get to and from the festival site - bringing us in within walking distance of the entrance and beating the queues and traffic problems - not to mention being great fun so we all had a blast - great value and a terrific service.

Graham Stone - IOW Festival 2012

Hi Russell, getting to and from the IoW Festival by RIB was a real treat and a real touch of luxury in an otherwise very muddy weekend! From being dropped off in the marina to getting my tent up and first can of beer open took exactly 45 mins. And whilst I only live in Portchester, that meant my total journey time was less than an hour and a half, door-to-door. For this reason alone, I'll be back.

There was some confusion and waiting to return but most of this, if I recall, was down to the vagaries of some of your customers.

The boat drivers were good, professional, courteous and polite. All I now need you to do is find a way to get me to Bestival and Reading!



Will Hughes - IOW Festival 2012

Going to the festival on the Friday was brilliant! Easy to find, very exhilarating. What a great way to start the weekend. I would definitely use the same service again if it was an option. Great value for money and great fun.

Tara Moore - IOW Festival 2012

Hello, Just some feedback for you on our experience getting to and from the isle of wight fest! The boat trip was absolutely amazing! By far the highlight of the festival for me... And honestly a life saver getting back! No hassle and great fun. Thanks so much! Would def recommend you to anyone looking for a fun fast easy trip to and from the fest! Xxx

Liz Kennedy - Bestival 2012

The boat ride was ridiculously fun, and all the guys at Urban Truant were really friendly and helpful! Loved every minute of it, could not recommend highly enough :)

Thanks again, and will come to you guys again if we go to Bestival next year.

Best wishes,

Hannah Kingston - Rayes - Bestival 2012

This service was fantastic!! Felt like I was in a James Bond film! So much easier than the ferry and coach transfer I used the previous year, no queue which is very welcome when carrying so much stuff. The crossing is lots of fun as well, slightly wet on the return journey but equally as thrilling, I've recommended the service to all of my friends for next years excursion, and would recommend it to anyone else!

Thank you very much for the friendly and reliable service, once I've secured a ticket for next years festival, booking the RIB will be next on my to do list :)

Best Wishes


Holly Thompson - Bestival 2012

With glorious weather the trip to the festival was the best possible start to the weekend! On the way home I apologetically left my friends in the rather depressing coach queue....by the time I reached Hamble Marina any feelings of guilt had blown away!! A great crew and quality service - this really was the most fun I have ever had in transit!

Karl & Kim Brown - Bestival 2012

Thanks Russell,

It was the perfect kick-start to a an amazing weekend. Simple, fun and no hassle.
It was a relief to see the mini-bus waiting for us at the pick up point on the way back, as there was at least 300 in the queue waiting for taxis and buses!
Both trips were thrilling. Hot & sunny on the way there and rainy & choppy on the way back which especially great fun.



Sam Tew - Bestival 2012

Hello Russell,

Yeah I thought it was an excellent mode of transport to get there and back from the festival. The taxi that took us between the festival grounds and the harbour was also very helpful and made for fast entry to the festival from the mainland. I'd definitely do this again for any future Bestivals I attend.

The return journey, which was very fun and made me laugh lots.

Thanks again man, I hope it was a successful business venture.


Rob Cooke - IOW Festival 2011

I have never been on a RIB before, I laughed so much a little bit of wee came out!

Ian Cadman - IOW Festival 2011

Hi Russell,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the IOW boat transfers over the weekend. The boats where great fun and our skipper was top, i would recommend it to any and everyone as the best and only way to go to the festival. If we go next year i will be looking you up again.

Barry - IOW Festival 2011

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much fun we had on the crossings to and from the Isle of Wight Festival. It was a great way to kick start the weekend, and was a great way to end the festival before the long drive home. I look forward to next year's festival when we'll definitely be booking again! 

Danni Jacobs - IOW Festival 2011

Thank you very much!! Better than promised, top fun! Thanks.

Richard Wilkinson - 2010, 2011 & 2012

Dear Urban Truant,
That’s three years on the bounce you have managed to get my family and I to and from the festival without a hitch and not a queue in sight.

See you next year and thanks again.


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